Top Luxury Casinos Around the World

If you are going on holiday, you might want to consider going on a casino holiday. Thousands of people do this every year. They select the most luxurious casinos all over the world and then travel around visiting them. Here are a few of the most luxurious.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas is the Caribbean’s biggest casino. Many tourists who visit the Caribbean and go to this casino also take the kids with them, as it has a big water park within the resort. You can enjoy aquariums and marine exhibits, so there is lots of fun to be had with the whole family. If its entertainment you are interested in, then look no further-Atlantis Paradise Island features big name celebrity acts, such as Katy Perry, so you can enjoy a concert while you are there. Celebrities also flock to Atlantis, so there must be something special about this place!

Monaco is a very expensive place to go on holiday and is often referred to as a playground for millionaires. When you go to Monaco, you will see wealthy people, fancy cars and exquisite fashion. In Monte Carlo, you are spoiled with choices, when it comes to luxury casinos. Monte Carlo Bay Casino is one of the most renowned casinos and is a must see for its neo-classical architecture alone. Guests can also enjoy the swimming pool lagoon, which has a solarium, water features and terraces. There are some great restaurants to choose from, too.

The Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas is a very popular and well-known casino. Made of marble with an 8 acre lake and an infamous water fountain show, the Bellagio has been featured in many Hollywood films, making it a big tourist attraction add to this the number of online casino games available to play, it really is one of the more popular venues.

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I have spent the majority of the past 6 months in Miami Beach with just a few side trips here and there. Because of this whole new living situation, I’ve kept myself completely busy with work and taking on new clients. Not surprisingly, it costs a bit more to live on a beach than it does to set up base in the middle of the country, so I’m working on finding a way to maintain all of my different projects, while still being a somewhat-social, non-homeless person.


My last real excursion involved a completely unplanned trip to Curacao. By that, I mean we booked our flight less than an hour before we were supposed to be at the airport. We barely made the flight. It was impressive timing, even by my standards. I’ve never been to the Dutch Antilles, so it was great to experience a new destination. The island was beautiful. I highly suggest visiting, especially since it’s an easy, non-stop flight from MIA. For accommodation options, see Curacao Vacation Rentals.

Curacao12 Curacao

Curacao21 Curacao

Curacao31 Curacao

My coming posts will break down the trip into smaller, more detailed sections. I just wanted to quickly check-in, and let you all know I’m still alive and doing what I do. I’ll try to keep the lapse between posts at a minimum from now on.

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Key West

The weekend following the Everglades, I headed to the Florida Keys for some more camping. However, once arriving in Islamorada, it was decided to spend Friday night in a hotel in Key West and Saturday night in the tent. I’ve never spent a considerable amount of time in Key West, so Duval Street was the obvious choice for Friday night drinks and food. Saturday was spent biking around the area, visiting the butterfly conservatory, eating, taking photos, and heading back up to Long Key State Park to set up a campsite.

Some photos from Key West:

KeyWestLighthouse Key West

KeyWestRooster Key West

KeyWestButterflySanctuary Key West

KeyWestScooters Key West

KeyWestSanctuaryBird Key West

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