Miami Fireworks

I lucked out with a great view from my balcony:

MiamiFireworks1 Miami Fireworks

MiamiFireworks2 Miami Fireworks

MiamiFireworks3 Miami Fireworks

MiamiFireworks4 Miami Fireworks

MiamiFireworks5 Miami Fireworks

MiamiFireworks6 Miami Fireworks

MiamiFireworks7 Miami Fireworks

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One Response to “Miami Fireworks”
  1. BlackLOG says:

    Good choice of room – we were in New York 7 years ago and had to travel halfway across the city to see the Fireworks on the 4th – much better idea to step out of the room and bang in your face….. If I remember correctly we got caught up in some sort of crowd control and it took us hours to get back to our hotel….I’m guessing you didn’t have people stationed on your balcony stopping you from going back into your room….

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