Rice Shoe Garden

After California, I flew back to Iowa for a few weeks to catch up with friends and pick up some more of my belongings. Following this, I flew back out to California to retrieve my car and start the long drive to Miami. Like always, I took more side roads than interstates and stopped at various places along the way. The first “attraction” I encountered was on a nearly empty, two-lane road in the Mojave Desert. Here, in a town formerly known as Rice, I saw a “shoe fence”. Or, a fence decorated in many shoes.

After snapping some photos, I looked up the site. The shoe garden began as a shoe tree. Travelers on Highway 62 began leaving shoes on a tree for no specific reason. After the tree burned down, the present-day shoe garden replaced the Rice Shoe Tree. Currently, the town of Rice boasts no residents, a mostly-demolished gas station, and the shoe garden: A booming metropolis, for sure.

CAshoefence1 Rice Shoe Garden

CAShoeFence2 Rice Shoe Garden

CAShoeFence3 Rice Shoe Garden

CAShoeFence4 Rice Shoe Garden

CAShoeFence5 Rice Shoe Garden

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