Grand Canyon

During my drive, I realized I had never seen the Grand Canyon from the ground. Sure, I’ve flown over the landmark numerous times, but I decided it was time to see it properly. I didn’t stay for too long, as I arrived at the end of an extremely long day (drive to Omaha at 1:30 AM, fly to Palm Springs, 3 hour layover, arrive in Palm Springs, drive to the Grand Canyon). However, the brief visit definitely convinced me to head back to do some hiking in the future.

GrandCanyon2 Grand Canyon

GrandCanyon31 Grand Canyon

GrandCanyon4 Grand Canyon

GrandCanyon5 Grand Canyon

GrandCanyon1 Grand Canyon

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  1. BlackLOG says:

    We did white-water rafting down the Grand Canyon for Mrs B’s 40th – we could tell we were in trouble when we decanted from the Hummer that had taken us from Las Vegas to be met by a bunch of pensioners who were shuffling onto a river boat which was the equivalent to a blow up QE2. The only white water we saw that day was the dribble from some of the over excited pensioners mouths, it was as about as exciting and adrenalin filled as spending the day wrapped in cotton wool.

    The helicopter ride after though was incredible – it was flown by an ex Vietnam Vet who I think thought he was still fighting…. When he dropped the Helicopter over the edge of the grand canyon and plummeted towards the bottom at least half the passengers soiled perfectly good underwear, while simultaneously attempting to burst my eardrums with high pitched screams….Let’s face it you Yanks are not the bravest nation on the planet

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