London, Part 2

It’s the 22nd of December. If you guys are as busy as I currently am, then you don’t have time to read the stuff I don’t have time to write. Pictures will fill the void until things settle down. I love the holidays, but man, this has been one crazy month.

TowerLondon1 London, Part 2

Tower of London

GherkinTower London, Part 2

Old meets New: Tower meets the Gherkin

TowerBridge London, Part 2

Tower Bridge

TowerBridge2 London, Part 2

Tower Bridge

StPauls London, Part 2

St. Paul's Cathedral

StPauls2 London, Part 2

St. Paul's Cathedral

Also, I WON! Thanks to all who voted.

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3 Responses to “London, Part 2”
  1. BlackLOG says:

    Congratulations on winning and well done for making London look good…Did you ever say what Camera you got?

  2. BlackLOG says:

    Happy Christmas Brooke thanks for the entertainment


  3. Sid says:

    You won??? A trip to Costa Rica? Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see your pictures. Also, all the travel … so envious.

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