How to Be an Adult, Volume I: Buying a Car

So, I really needed a new car, but I kept putting it off due to things like rarely being at home and wanting to keep my money safely stuffed (like wads of $1 bills in a pocket, not like nicely stacked $100 bills in a suitcase, mafia style) in my bank account to use for things that allow me to rarely be at home. But, things changed when I borrowed my mom’s car, took off for the mountains, and stayed for nearly a month. That made my carlessness her problem, so I cashed in some cans, emptied out old wallets, sold the family dog, and bought myself a car. Since I am now clearly an expert at car buying, I’m going to share my knowledge and pass on the steps I took to car ownership:

  • Motivation:  Me-What? Chad (little brother) is buying a car? No fair. I want one too.
  • Shopping Around: Mom-Brooke, there’s a nice car over here. Me-Yeah, I want that one. Chad-Brooke, there’s a nice car over here. Me-Okay, I’ll take it.
  • Test Drive: Car Sales Dude-Want to take it for a drive? Me-Nah, my knee (I sprained my MCL skiing, boo) is hurting today. I’ll drive it in a circle around the parking lot.
  • Buy: Me-I’ll buy that one. Here’s a credit card to hold it. Car Dude-How’s your credit? Me-Um, I doubt I have much. Car Dude-We’ll look it up…Actually, it’s really good. Me-{Dumbfounded}
  • Pay Attention to the Important Details: Me-I bought a car! Others-What kind? Me-Mercedes Others-What kind? Me-A blue one Others-But, what model Mercedes? Me-Crap, I don’t even know. It has 4 doors, all-wheel drive, and it’s blue.
  • Finally, Convince Your Friend to Buy a Car, and Spend the Rest of the Day Driving Around and Parking Next to Each Other:

photo 3 How to Be an Adult, Volume I: Buying a Car

Don’t expect Volume II for a long time.

I might as well add these conversations too:

Friend, leaving the dealership: Now, we have to be responsible with our money. I’ll meet you at the mall.

Me, as my friend shops for sunglasses: Are those a need or a want?

Friend: …Need?

At the Apple store. My friend and I are looking at iPads.

Friend: Okay, actually, I need to leave this store immediately.

We’re so responsible. Kind of.

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4 Responses to “How to Be an Adult, Volume I: Buying a Car”
  1. @myronbat says:

    So I think that sums up my week as well. Pretty unproductive and very costly I might say. but I feel AMAZING…

  2. Sid says:

    You bought a Mercedes??? Damn. I thought you were going to buy a second-hand one. Nice going!

    I’ve just finished off paying my car. Now I plan to spend all my money on travelling. And maybe I’ll occassionally buy some food …

  3. Brooke says:

    It’s used. It has about 30,000 miles on it already. But, it feels new enough to me! ;)

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