In an ongoing effort to update this space, here are a few photos from the Miami Art District during Art Basel last weekend. Even outside of Art Basel and Art Miami, Wynwood has incredible street art and galleries:

ArtBasel1 Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

ArtBasel2 Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

ArtBasel3 Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

ArtBasel4 Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

ArtBasel5 Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

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If you are going on holiday, you might want to consider going on a casino holiday. Thousands of people do this every year. They select the most luxurious casinos all over the world and then travel around visiting them. Here are a few of the most luxurious.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas is the Caribbean’s biggest casino. Many tourists who visit the Caribbean and go to this casino also take the kids with them, as it has a big water park within the resort. You can enjoy aquariums and marine exhibits, so there is lots of fun to be had with the whole family. If its entertainment you are interested in, then look no further-Atlantis Paradise Island features big name celebrity acts, such as Katy Perry, so you can enjoy a concert while you are there. Celebrities also flock to Atlantis, so there must be something special about this place!

Monaco is a very expensive place to go on holiday and is often referred to as a playground for millionaires. When you go to Monaco, you will see wealthy people, fancy cars and exquisite fashion. In Monte Carlo, you are spoiled with choices, when it comes to luxury casinos. Monte Carlo Bay Casino is one of the most renowned casinos and is a must see for its neo-classical architecture alone. Guests can also enjoy the swimming pool lagoon, which has a solarium, water features and terraces. There are some great restaurants to choose from, too.

The Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas is a very popular and well-known casino. Made of marble with an 8 acre lake and an infamous water fountain show, the Bellagio has been featured in many Hollywood films, making it a big tourist attraction add to this the number of online casino games available to play, it really is one of the more popular venues.

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I have now lived in Miami Beach for over a year. I have also morphed into a semi-professional, working 9-5 (really, 10-6), as the director of online marketing for an actual company that hired me without any incessant begging on my part. They also pay me in money, and I’m not looking up current loan options to fund my nomadic travels, but rather, to fund purchases of homes and other things.

I’m now nearly 30 years old, and I’ve slightly settled down with another former constant traveler, who gladly spends weekends exploring with me. However, we generally stay closer to home. Except for all those trips where we didn’t. I’m pretty sure we will always travel, and we’ll probably remain slightly irresponsible when doing so. I guess this all makes me an adult, with the newfound creditworthiness to rightly look up info on unsecured loans.

Not-so-surprisingly, my bank account is benefitting greatly from this lifestyle change, as is my social and personal life. While I miss the spontaneity of constant travel, I do not miss the stress of freelancing and packing up hotel rooms. However, I did get another taste of the lifestyle when our condo leases failed to overlap by a few weeks. So if you need some recommendations on places to stay in Florida, let me know. I’ve got you covered, from the 5-star resorts to the $30-dollar rooms with the 2-cent beds and questionable neighbors.

While settling into a routine is not something I thought I would ever look forward to, I am welcoming the challenge and the change. I still use credit cards with travel benefits, and we spend evenings in front of the Travel Channel or National Geographic, reminiscing or planning the Next Great Adventure. The travel fund account is alive, well and ready to be used, and the list of desired destinations is never-ending. The vacation days? Yeah, I’m going to need more of those. A lot more of those.

Honestly, the hardest part of this whole lifestyle change is the fact that sweatpants are not fully acceptable in the workplace. I have to wake up before 9 am and spend money on clothes that make me look like I know what I’m doing. However, my pants today do have an elastic waist, so good for me. I can take full advantage of that allotted hour lunch. On the plus side, I get to talk to coworkers, instead of myself. This usually bodes well for mental health.

All-in-all, things are great. I’ll try to check-in more, but yeah, life sometimes gets in the way.

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